Elise & Nathan

[flo_one_half padding=”0px 30px 20px 20px” class=”” ] The day of Elise & Nathan’s wedding, I posted a photo to Instagram stating that taking wedding photos that day was pretty amazing. At the time, I was just ecstatic about the sunshine and warmth, since it was one of the first days that it was possible to […]

Wedding :: Kelly & Jeffrey

Everything was picture-perfect perfect for Kelly and Jeffrey’s wedding day. In no particular order, five things that were especially perfect: 1. The weather was amazing for a winter day in February. It could have been gloomy, snowing, or absolutely frigid (or all of the above), but it was sunny and just a bit chilly. 2. […]

Wedding :: Liz & Adam

I loved every minute (and detail) of Liz & Adam’s wedding. Creative and genuine, Liz & Adam will forever be immortalized in my mind as the couple that brought a (inactive) WII bomb to their engagement session. I should have known that their wedding would have been just as stylish and unique as their e-session. […]