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Wedding :: Liz & Adam

I loved every minute (and detail) of Liz & Adam’s wedding. Creative and genuine, Liz & Adam will forever be immortalized in my mind as the couple that brought a (inactive) WII bomb to their engagement session.

I should have known that their wedding would have been just as stylish and unique as their e-session. From getting married under a beautiful arbor that they had decked out in succulents, to handmade pinwheels on the walls, to comfort food dinner fare, everywhere you looked had touches that just screamed “Liz & Adam.” Perhaps one of my favorite details of the day was their favor table that was covered in a ton of retro-esque toys for “the crazy kids” that attended the wedding. But, beyond their decorations, the thing I loved most was the fact that you could tell, every time you looked at them, that Liz and Adam were having the time of their life. I’m not sure that I saw them sit down once during the reception… at the very least, I know I have an overload of photos of them dancing with big smiles on their faces. Even though it’s a few weeks later, I hope they still have those big smiles.

This is Kristin with Toast & Jam. She’s the most amazing DJ ever. Everyone should hire her.

All these great people helped make the day wonderful:

Dress & Bridesmaid’s Dresses: J Crew
Coordinator: Lyndsey of Shannon Gail
Flowers: Gratitude Heart Garden
Ceremony/Reception: Ravenswood Event Center
DJ: Kristen of Toast & Jam