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Wedding :: Anne & Andrew

When I think of Anne and Andrew, the word “fun” comes to mind. Honestly, when I think back to their wedding day, I remember lots of smiling, laughing, and a TON of crazy dancing. I adored the little touches of fun throughout the day, such as the apron Anne wore to cut the pie, their bride and groom ducks that sat on the gift table, and of course, the awesome wooden flowers that comprised the bouquets, boutonnieres, and center pieces.

And how gorgeous was their wedding? They got married on the rooftop of East Bank Club, which had a spectacular view, and just migrated downstairs for the partying. And Anne’s dress? I about died when I saw it, since it was so reminiscent of 1920s styles (and I looooooooooove the 20s).

Also, one more thing of note: this was the first wedding I’ve shot where the hora was danced, and holy cow, I thought I was going to die (because I thought the best place to be was in the middle of the circle… which it was… but I might have ended up with a few bruises…). It incomparably fun though, and I think every bride and groom, regardless of religion, should be hoisted in the air by their friends to celebrate saying their vows.

Alright, enough chatting, onto the pictures!