Wedding :: David & Luke

I’ve been excited to post this wedding for a while. It was not only a very classy, stylish wedding (described to me during the initial consults as a “lounge vignette”… I’d say that fits), but it was full of a lot of really fun, really warm individuals. David and Luke are great people, and their […]

Wedding :: Whitney & Mike

Whitney and Mike were two of the happiest people I’ve ever photographed on a wedding day.  You can see, even in their getting ready pictures, that they were all smiles, despite most people being nervous and stressed before the ceremony. Any tears shed were tears of happiness as they opened their gifts to each other (how […]

Wedding :: Krystle & Eric

Krystle & Eric are adorable. When you’re around them, you can’t help but unconsciously smile. I had such a blast the entire day I was shooting… not only was I super excited for them, but their wedding was the perfect mix of intimate, fun, romantic, party, and stylish. And, I even got to play a […]

Wedding :: Cassie & Jimmy

I hope you can tell from these pictures how in love Cassie & Jimmy are.  I’ve gotten to know Cassie & Jimmy through our talks and engagement shoot, and they’re one of those couples that don’t take each other for granted. They found ways throughout the day to show each other that they loved each […]

Wedding :: Mandy & Dan

Mandy and Dan had a gorgeous summer wedding. What can I say about their wedding? Well, the wedding party was Fun (yes, with a capital “F”), there were a surprising amount of fake mustaches at the reception, and mostly, it was a beautiful day. The church was AMAZING (really, scroll down), Mandy and Dan were […]

Wedding :: Thao & Dan

Thao and Dan’s wedding is one that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Thao had contacted me when I first started publicly offering portraits and weddings, over a year ago. She and Dan were the first “official” engagement session I had, and they were the first “real” wedding I booked (not including […]